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Bird is the Word

In 2017, we set out to create a Peruvian rotisserie chicken joint that served food to Washington, DC good, fast and cheap – we threw in a Whiskey Bar just for fun.

Then we partnered with superstar chef, Enrique Limardo... and that’s when the magic happened!

rotisserie chickens on a spit

Chicken joint

We brine our chicken for 12 hours in a uniquely flavorful recipe, then slow roast them to perfection at 1000°F, over natural wood charcoal. The best in Washington, DC!

Chef Enrique Limardo

Chef Enrique creates delicious sides, salads, sangüiches and wraps – all from scratch – as well as a rotating menu of Seasonal Especiales!

Whiskey bar

99 incredible whiskeys, including international stars and local favorites. Handcrafted, scratch cocktails for everyone, not just whiskey lovers. Try them all, drink them all!
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